Roman Numerals

Click on the link below to help you become a master at Roman Numerals:

Roman Numerals

Classifying Shapes

We have been learning about the properties of 2d shapes. Because we can describe many of the properties, we are now able to sort the shapes according to their properties. 

First, we used a Venn diagram to sort the shapes.

Then, we used a Carroll diagram (or as William called it, a Hilary diagram!) to sort the shapes further. We asked our partner to try and guess the criteria for our Carroll diagrams.


Using Fractions 

4CR know so much about fractions now! Last week they began to use their knowledge of fractions to help them with time. We are going to be learning about time over the next few weeks so here is a game that may help you:

Time Problems
4CR are really becoming masters in maths. Look at the way they are representing problems independently below. And this was just the anchor task!