Flags of the World

Use this website to help you with your geography lesson today:

Flags of the World


Use this map to locate 3 more countries within each continent.


Global Diversity Week

We have been working in pairs to research Afghanistan. 

So far we have found out where Afghanistan is, what countries border it, its population, its cuisine, traditional dress and the weather. We are going to continue our research tomorrow and present our information on Friday. 


Penelope and her Portraits

In 4CR we were inspired by the portraits in Penelope and the Suitors. So much so we decided to recreate the portraits ourselves!
First of all, we planned our portraits and labelled the materials we would use.

After that, we carefully selected the materials.

Finally, we worked cooperatively to produce these fantastic portraits!

In 4CR we started Arts Week with a jigsaw puzzle. 
Miss Rai didn’t tell us what the painting was of and we found it super challenging, but we didn’t give up!
To help us, Miss Rai showed us the painting Penelope and the Suitors and we were able to put more of the pieces together. This is an activity we are going to continue because we want to persevere and achieve.


Potion Making

Have you ever wondered how to make a poisonous potion? Do you want to know more about how to make this dangerous liquid? If so, look at the photographs below.

We made our very own poisonous potions using water goblin tears, leprechaun dried vomit, condensed troll snot and pure spectre ectoplasm. Once it was mixed, we observed how the different liquids mixed together and recorded our observations. 


Making Collages

We spent our afternoon making collages based on Alice in Wonderland. 

First we spent some time looking at how effective silhouettes are against very detailed backgrounds. After that we looked at composition, cutting out our silohuettes of Alice in Wonderland characters and placing them onto our backgrounds in the places we thought would have most impact.